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Asteroids3D is an attempt at remaking the classic arcade game Asteroids... but in 3D (if the name didn't already give it away).
It uses my own rendering and effects engine (some of which is built on samples from the xna creators site - listed on completion).

Conceptual art and game graphics design by my little brother fabian.
Realisation and development by me =]

If anyone wants to contribute, just email me on

Project Lead: Courtney Atkin.
Lead Designer: Fabian Atkin.
Co Designer: Needed.
Lead Developeer: Courtney Atkin.
Co Developer: Needed.
Special Effects Programmer: Needed.

Rundown of implementations:

Asteroid management system (Both the destructable and smaller non destructables).
A nice set of special effects including: Bloom, Lens Flare, Radial Motion Blur, Monochromatic Rendering, Crepuscular Rays, Shattering Asteroids.
Hardware Instancing.
Multi Use Shader designed to make the game smaller (A shader containing all my shaders, which has reusable variables - testing currently shows that the theory works rather well).
3D AI (Enemy ships as boss')
To Be Implemented:
Particle Systems (For explosions)
Multiplayer (?)
Online High-Score boards.

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